BIPOC Voices, Useful Links

Organizations set up to make your Protests successful and safe

Use these resources.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 7, 2020

Although protests aren’t as common as they were this summer, they are still going on. There are still millions of individuals protesting for justice and equal rights. With that being said, we put together a list of resources for anyone joining the protests that will keep you safe, educated and appreciated.


The Legal Rights Center 

An organization who does a host of justice work and supports the youth with education, advocacy and restorative services.


Blackout Collective

An amazing collective that donates money to Black-led protests.


Black Visions Collective

All work and resources provided are dedicated to Black liberation.


The Know Your Rights Camp

Founded by modern activist himself, Colin Kaepernick, it provides training and education for Black and Brown communities. 


A Gas Mask Fund

A fantastic org for Black activists in Minneapolis who have faced tear gas during protests. Money is being raised to buy gas masks. 


The Black Trans Protestors Emergency Fund

The fund was set up to support Black Trans protestors with medical aid and bail.