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Find your zen with these Black-owned candles

A selection of 5 to get your started.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 3, 2020

You can barely go anywhere without hearing about self care. If you’re struggling at work, if you’re stressed or experiencing trauma – the common answer to the problem, self care. There are so many levels and avenues of achieving self care. Sometimes it’s taking an hour everyday to yourself – exercising, meditating, retail therapy, or reading. The list is endless. 


A smaller and affordable item, candles, are a great self care practice that doesn’t require much thought or energy. They can shift the mood of a space, bring back a strongly scented memory or make a room feel fresher, brighter and warmer. 


To continue our support for shopping Black, below we pulled a selection of Black-owned candle companies.


The Black Home Pharaoh Candle $45

We are big Insecure fans. Pretty much anything to do with the characters, we instantly fan girl over. Insecure’s Yvonne Orji’s (aka Molly on the show) interior designer, Neffi Walker owns Black Home. All candles guarantee 60 minutes of burn time and are hand poured with soy and coconut wax to bring a warm and sometimes white musk to every space. 


Harlem Candle Company Josephine Luxury Candle $45

Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance, founder Teri Johnson founded this company in her kitchen in 2014. Candles are named after important figures, like James Baldwin and Langston Hughes, and famous places, like the Savoy Ballroom.


Laguna Candles Multi Color Ceramics Candle $50

Founded by Sharie Hendricks, the brand collaborates with local artists to create these candle art options. The containers are hand blown and sculpted and then made of soy-coconut wax blends and unbleached cotton. 


228 Grant Street Candle Co. Botanical Garden Amber Jar $20 

The cheapest option on our list and made in Baltimore, candles are soy-wax and inspired by tropics and plumeria flowers. 


La Botica Barcelona Candle $55

Founder Dawn Marie is Black and Dominican and has combined both cultures into a candle. You’ll find vegan and non-vegan candles, mixed with peony rose, pink pepper and musk.


Photo via Harlem Candle Company