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Kerry Washington and Black elites launch $10M Racial Justice Fund

Introducing the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 11, 2020

Like many other Americans, Brittany Packnett Cunningham (founder of the anti-police brutality project Campaign Zero) was devastated at the court’s decision for Breonna Taylor’s life. To combat the pain, she went into action and developed a fund called Black Voices for Black Justice Fund to support Black leaders and Black-owned businesses in their fight to end racism in America. The justice fund will help organizations work with voting rights, COVID-19 recovery and criminal justice reforms. 


There seems to be more understanding in this moment about racial injustice, particularly among white Americans, and we want to see that increased interest work for real change,” Robin Hood CEO and fund co-chair Wes Moore told Forbes. 


Among Moore’s co-chairs is Black actress Kerry Washington. “The Black Voices for Black Justice Fund recognizes incredible leaders who have been on the frontlines working to dismantle the deep-rooted, racist systems that have plagued our country for centuries,” Washington said in a statement. “Amplifying their voices and providing resources to these inspiring advocates is critical as we strive towards equity and racial justice in this country.”