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Calling all Black creatives.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jan 17, 2022

Nigerian and Sierra Leone co-founders Akin Adebowale and Ousman Sahko, immigrated to the United States as small children with big dreams and a hope to make it as Black and African men in America. They took jobs working at brands such as Google, adidas and Spotify, and for people like Drake, Jill Scott, and many others. While working for them, they witnessed an imbalance of Black creative power and economic equity.


What is Blacktag?

Unable to unsee this divide, the two friends set out to create a 24-hour interactive platform (known as Blacktag), to redirect billions in ad spend to Black creatives. And big names like Issa Rae, Common, and others signed on as partners in their strategic endeavor, with their first round of funding getting them $3.75 million.


While they, of course, are making strides, the company is still devastated at the small portion of venture capital that is actually allocated to Black founded companies. For context, white founders raised $147 billion, leaving Black founders $3.75 million at only 1.2% of their white counterparts.


As it stands today, advertisers spend $18 billion a year on television and digital media targeted to Black audiences and viewers. However, the heartbreaking truth: Only 1% of that goes to Black creators. AKA: The Black creative is constantly undermined and exploited.


Blacktag looks to alter the ecosystem and take back some of the pie that is so deservingly ours. Thus, their greatest motivation.


As a platform, the app looks to be the go-to online space that consumes, connects, celebrates, and empowers Black people all around the world. They want Black people to consume Black content while connecting with other like-minded and out-of-the-box people.


The Blacktag app plans to feature content created by Grammy-nominated artist Masego, designer Brandon Blackwood, Chrissy Rutherford from “2 Black Girls,” and so many more iconic, notable Black creatives in the industry.


As a global interactive platform, Blacktag develops and produces original series, licensed short and feature-length films, documentaries and so much more for Black content and creators. Their main mission being: Storytelling to a Black audience by bridging the gap between brands and Black creators. According to the company’s website: Black communities power culture globally.


There’s a relatively large, ignored audience of content creators and consumers who defy the monolithic stereotypes that the mainstream have attached to Black culture. Essentially, Black creative power does not equate to Black economic power. And since the community is the backbone to Black culture, Blacktag looks to create a space for the culture to connect.


Upcoming programs at Blacktag

What’s Your Sign?: Hosted by Myles E. Johnson and Matthew Dunigan, ‘What’s Your Sign’ is a deep dive into your favorite influencers and stars, including birth charts and tarot card readings.

Superimpose: A live performance series.

Black Atlas: Showcases Black filmmakers in their communities across the globe, documenting the intricacies of Black life in varying parts of the world.

Premium Gas Only: The world’s first mixed instrument live music set performed in an automobile, recorded live in various locations.

Hot Intermissions: Blacktag’s comical (skits, parody ads, etc) take on traditional advertisements.

MGMT: Mini-documentary series profiling Black industry visionaries (managers, agents, executives, etc) and sharing how they got their start.

African Sex Stories (A$$): A lively video podcast highlighting user submitted stories and education surrounding sex.


Photo via Blacktag