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The 10 best Blind Barber products

You need to check these out.

words by: Adam Hurly
Mar 30, 2022

Blind Barber is an exciting brand to watch — every year they’ve got something new and notable, be it a new speakeasy-style location (Brooklyn, Philly, Chicago, LA, or anyplace between), a big-name partnership (most notably with MLB superstar Bryce Harper), or a new crop of products (among an already expansive assortment). The brand most recently launched a skincare assortment, which effectively doubles the amount of products in its arsenal, not to mention, offers customers a fairly advanced skincare regimen at extremely accessible price points.


Read on for our 10 favorite products from Blind Barber, from their classic haircare lineup, their new skincare offerings, and their ever reliable beard & shave assortment.





30 Proof Styling Cream, $20

Infused with hops from beer, this one can be used to style your hair and beard. A perfect 46-for-46 5-star reviews at the time of writing has to say something about the effortless look this cream provides. Oh and no parabens, no sulfates and no artificial dyes is music to our ears.


Buy the styling cream here.



101 Proof Classic Pomade, $20

Aptly named, this stuff is as classic as pomade gets: High hold, high shine—it’s what you’ll wear to a wedding, to a buttoned-up job, or to look slick as hell in any casual setting. (The rockabilly look pairs well with a pair of Vans, after all). Regardless of whether you sport a polished style on the regular, this is one of those products that every guy should have in his vanity at any given time, for the if and when. Best of all, there’s no crunch factor here, it leaves hair soft and touchable despite its fierce hold.


Buy the classic pomade here.



Bryce Harper Hair Clay, $20

Bryce Harper is as known for his epic hair and beard, as he is for his All-Star/MVP-winning baseball career, which is really saying something. And here’s the secret to his styling success: A high-hold, matte-finish clay, that delivers as much texture as one demands, while also promising a tight coif that could survive helmet hair and sliding into home plate.


Buy the hair clay here.



Lemongrass Tea Shampoo, $18

Nourishing hops extract, detoxifying rooibos tea, and conditioning coconut oil make for an ultra-hydrating hair cleanser—one that flushes away grease and buildup without parching your strands. It lifts dead skin and debris from the scalp, preserving harmony up top your head, giving the hairs a healthy environment for optimal growth.


Buy the shampoo here.





AHA Refining Face Scrub, $22

A dual-action exfoliant, this product dissolves dead skin cells with fruit enzymes, while scrubbing away additional rough patches with powdered carbon and quartz powder. It’s a shortcut to a smoother, brighter complexion, as well as fewer clogged pores. Use it twice weekly after cleansing for consistent bennies.


Buy the face scrub here.



activClean Rice Bran Cleanser, $22

This light foaming gel cleanser also gently exfoliates the skin with rice bran extract, while promoting healing and repair with oleic acid. It calms inflammation and irritation with licorice root extract and, of course, gently pulls grime and excess oil from the skin without disrupting pH levels and microbiomes. Use it twice daily (or more, as needed), since it’s gentle on skin while being heavy-handed with the complexion perks.


Buy the cleanser here.



B3 Supercharged Balancing Toner, $20

Toner is perfect for balancing excessively oily skin, or to calm and nurture the dermis (say, after a shave or a long, exertive workout). Apply a simple splash after cleansing and before any serums and moisturizers, to center the skin’s pH levels and promote balance and calm within all layers. Blind Barber has even infused its blend with soothing aloe, cucumber flower, and willow bark, the last of which is doubly known for its antimicrobial powers.


Buy the toner here.



elixBoost Hydrating Balm, $22

This balm is terrific in the dregs of winter or as an overnight recovery moisturizer. It utilizes soothing tiger grass, firming ceramides, hydrating sodium hyaluronate, and barrier-fortifying oat bran, which all add up to a rejuvenating result. It’s an oil-free blend that wears light on all skin types, making it sufficient for year-round wear, especially on dry skin types.


Buy the balm here.


Beard & Shave



Bryce Harper Beard Balm, $18

Powered by shea butter and oils of argan, avocado, and jojoba, this fast-absorbing, highly nourishing beard balm helps style and sculpt the beard. It tames strays and prevents all the bad beard effects, like dryness, split ends, itching, and beard dandruff. You’ll have a healthy shine, and a pillowy soft beard instead of a scratchy Brillo pad. Your partner will thank you.


Buy the beard balm here.



Watermint Gin Shave Cream, $16

Powered by hydrating coconut oil and a blend of conditioning, lubricating fatty acids, this shave cream builds a gentle, thin lather of the skin. It makes for an easily navigated shave, since you’re not accumulating mounds of shaving cream, all while keeping hairs soft and skin soothed.


Buy the shave cream here.


Blind Barber is one of the best out there, but not the only one. Check out our top 10 list for Jack Black products and Baxter of California.


Photos via Blind Barber