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Could foods we eat directly affect Body Odor?

Yes, they do.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 10, 2020

Most of us understand that garlic and onions result in bad breath. Beans, although great for your metabolism and digestive system, produce a stench when you pass gas. But did you know some foods can significantly impact your scent? Consuming large amounts of certain foods might contain foul-smelling compounds that produce an unpleasant odor through your sweat glands. To minimize bad odor and maintain self-preservation, watch out for the foods below. 


Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower 

These vegetables contain a lot of sulfur. When you consume these foods it is absorbed into your body and secreted in sweat. Your body odor can be affected as quickly as an hour after eating these items. That doesn’t mean you can no longer eat them, but make sure you cook them with a pinch of sea salt to remove the odor-producing chemicals. 


Red meat

The amino acids in red meat leaves a residue in your intestines. Your enzymes break down the residue and it mixes with bacteria on your skin during perspiration and intensifies your odor. 



This water-soluble veggie, has a musty-smelling methyl mercaptan that passes through the system directly after consuming. Aka, you will notice the odor right away when you use the bathroom. 


If you stink and refuse to minimize some of the foods in your diet, opt for a fiber supplement. It could help bind the compounds in the gut and reduce odor. However, the best method really is to stop eating these foods.