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Brand Masters: Chico Boom on why positivity is key to success

Episode 8: Boomz Barber Shop, The Black Sheep Men’s Parlor & Worldwide Boom Consultations.

words by: Matt Peng
Aug 26, 2021

Brand Masters is a new series that explores what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur in the contemporary landscape of culture. Whether you’re building a name for yourself or your label/store, these individuals have gone through the process and drop dimes.


If last week’s Brand Masters speaker Hayden Cassidy is the embodiment of authenticity, then this week’s guest, Chico Boom, is the epitome of positivity. Owner of Boomz Barber Shop and The Black Sheep Men’s Parlor in Fort Myers, Florida, a public speaker, author, educator, consultant and entrepreneur, Chico Boom doesn’t have time in his life to mess around or be negative. In the game for two decades, he constantly channels positive energy in everything he does and makes sure to give the customer a great experience and help those along the way. Listen below to how he’s built his empire, one day at a time.




For Chico, his lifestyle is his brand and he lives by helping other people. His advice is to stay true to who you are – again authenticity is key. Don’t try to go out there and imitate others because you won’t last and people will see right through the bullshit.



It’s Chico’s belief that by helping others you are leaving behind a legacy for yourself in the form of energy. That energy or vibe will be carried on through anyone that you help or inspire and get passed on even after you leave the Earth.



He breaks down how every one of his businesses serves a purpose for the community.




Because you’re serving a community – something Jay Majors talks about as a key to success – you need to leave an everlasting impression that’s positive to the point that it’s priceless. You know how some people on Earth have an aura about them? Like elite athletes? That’s what you need to do in terms of customer experience and service.



“So, inch by inch, everything’s a cinch. Yard by yard, everything is hard. Don’t try to take more onto your plate then what you can handle. Attack one thing, stick to that one thing, finish it, and then move onto the next, and never give up. NEVER give up.”



And Chico’s final piece of advice in terms of branding is to work with brands you believe in. It’s OK to turn down brand partnerships like Hayden said.




Motivation and wellness

A lot of motivational speakers will emphasize each new day is a new opportunity and not a given. That’s the same mentality Chico approaches each day with and how he stays motivated.



And what happens when someone with so much energy and passion needs to finally unwind? He heads towards the serenity of water.






As we continue to face the pandemic head on, adaptation has been key over the last 18 months+. Brands have learned to go digital and our daily lives have changed with less face-to-face interactions. So how has that affected Chico, who’s a speaker and educator?



In terms of tools, technology has grown exponentially to meet our needs during COVID and although it’s not new, the cellphone, or rather smartphone, has become more important than ever. For Chico, his favorite tool’s power is determined by how you put that device to use and that divides the entrepreneurs from the rest.






So using your cellphone to run a business empire instead of consuming mass entertainment is only one piece of advice from Boom. He also emphasizes that you should never get comfortable and never give up.




“I have made it a stamp in my brand to say I’m going to treat everybody that I cross paths with so good they’re going to remember me forever.”


Also, remember that success isn’t overnight, acknowledgement is. People don’t know how much hard work you’ve put in and that’s ok. You put in the work and you know at the end of the day your value.



Finally, if you go through rough times, bounce the f*ck back. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams because there’s always going to be someone out there who would gladly trade places with you in this lifetime.



If you’re in the southwest Florida area, be sure to drop in and chop it up with Chico himself, his energy really is life-changing.


To keep up with Chico Boom and all his ventures, check out the social media accounts below.

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Written by Matt Peng
Interview conducted by Curvel Baptiste
Transcription by Olivia Hawkins
Produced by Madeline Carpentiere
Photos via Chico Boom