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How Breathwork Meditation can really change your life

7 ways it benefits you.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jun 17, 2021

Breathwork is a powerful technique that can help your mind, body, and soul. While there are many different types of breathwork, the most common one is pranayama breathwork since it is an active meditation that involves conscious control of the breath. The aim of this practice is to release blocked energies in our bodies so that healing can take place. For the past month, I’ve been practicing pranayama and have felt the benefits of this habit firsthand.


There are many benefits to breathwork, and many ways in which it can change your life (seriously!). Listed below here are some of these benefits.


Breathwork reduces anxiety and stress

Breathwork, like meditation, is frequently used to relieve tension and anxiety. When you’re stressed, your body goes into a fight or flight mode, which causes you to breathe shallowly and quickly, and you don’t use all of your lung capacity.


You can exercise your respiratory muscles and increase oxygen flow to all parts of your body by using certain breathwork techniques. Because controlled breathing is a natural relaxant, the increased flow of oxygen in the body would physically reverse stress-related chemicals and tension.


Makes you mentally sharp

Including breathwork as a regular part of your weekly routine is a terrific exercise if you’re feeling sluggish or foggy-minded. Breathwork not only helps you clear your mind of any mental fog, but it will also assist you in working through any questions or concerns you may have.


Makes you hella intuitive

One of the basic ideas of breathwork is that it will assist you in more profoundly tapping into your own essence. This means you’ll begin to discover more about yourself on an instinctive level, and as a result, you’ll learn to trust your gut feelings and intuition.


Breathwork helps people trust their intuition in two ways:

  1. Allow yourself to slow down, relax, and listen to what your subconscious is trying to tell you. When you’re going through the routines of daily life, it can be difficult to hear or pay attention to what your subconscious is saying to you, but breathwork is a terrific way to stop and listen. Breathwork is similar to traditional meditation in this manner.
  2. Help you trust your intuition is by allowing you to feel the full spectrum of emotions that will certainly arise. Unlike traditional meditation, the physical part of breathwork creates a really sensational feeling, which only adds to the self-exploration experience.


Relieves pain (for real)

Breathwork has been used for centuries as a way of relieving pain. Because specific breathing techniques can physically alter the parasympathetic nervous system, pain can be reduced with breathwork (the network that sends the signal of pain). It is a fantastic method for learning to take control over your body, whether you’re dealing with momentary or chronic pain.


Strengthens the body’s connection to the mind

So much of our day appears to be on autopilot when it comes to our bodies; we move through the world without really tuning in or focusing on how our bodies are feeling. We don’t consider what we could learn from tuning in to our body, or what we could do to feel better unless we get a pain signal. Breathwork on the other hand, will keep you focused on what your body is doing and how it feels from beginning to end.


Boosting creativity

Breathwork facilitates a better knowledge of your creative path by allowing you to connect with your genuine self. Plan to be creative shortly after your breathwork session to get the most out of it, whether it’s through painting, writing, or whatever medium you prefer.


Improves your immune system

Controlled breathing has been proven in studies to be an excellent strategy to enhance your body’s immunity. People who do 20 minutes of controlled breathing exercises had lower levels of inflammation proteins in their saliva than those who simply read during that time. This suggests that regular breathwork can help you have less inflammation and a stronger immune system.


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