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Hot take: bucket hats as Sunblock

Welcoming back the old school icon.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Jul 31, 2020

In a time where it’s cool to be uncool, summer fashion has taken a whole new spin. Enter: the bucket hat, currently competing for the top spot on the list of uncool things making a comeback. But trends are constructed in such a way that something which may have been previously forsaken as “uncool” comes back with a cool spin. This summer, we’re seeing it happen: a swarm of bucket hats everywhere we go. Our hot take? Bucket hats are great sunblock. 


Jokes aside, there are very few things that are as versatile as a bucket hat. Worn both by grandparents and kids, teens and skaters, this 360-degree-brimmed throwback piece is back in vogue (though arguably it never really left). Though it doesn’t have the timelessness of a baseball cap, this accessory’s lifelong relationship with menswear boils down to a little known fact about its sub-cultural importance.


The bucket hat has been nothing short of a staple for OG hip-hop stars, grandparents holidaying in Florida, and teens in the UK. That’s a pretty open-ended spectrum. Continuing to be a staple in the modern festival scene, it has cemented itself within many subcultures, making it a trend that never really went out of style to begin with. Not shocking to all, but the bucket hat has been spotted around New York City quite a lot this summer.


To help you sift through and own this style, we’ve selected five of our favorite bucket hats for this season.

Nike Big Leaf Reversible Bucket Hat

The reversible construction of this piece makes it versatile enough to sport with many different outfits and in different settings. Cut from a sweat-wicking blend, it provides ultimate cooling comfort.


adidas Embossed Bucket Hat

This super cool headwear find is defined by all-over branding. Featuring a smart cotton sweatband made to provide all-day comfort, this style will definitely turn heads. 


Carhartt WIP Script Bucket Hat 

Anything Carhartt always comes from functionality meets fashion. This branded classic bucket hat is built from durable cotton canvas and can very easily become a staple in your outfit.


Barbour Irvine Wax Bucket Hat 

This Irvine Wax Bucket Hat from Barbour features a leather brand patch and is built from water-resistant waxed canvas. Did anyone say beach perfect?