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Business of Barbering: MOBAR’s Sammy & Carlos drop gems

Incorporate your personality and you’ll succeed.

words by: Matt Peng
Aug 29, 2022

The Business of Barbering is a new series that not only explains how to succeed in the barber industry, but all of the intricacies associated with being a barber, owner, creative and entrepreneur. We speak to those on the front lines so that you can dive in head first into the barbering industry and be set up for success.


From left to right: Coco, Carlos, Sammy


Last week, we chopped it up with the founder of MOBAR, Coco. This week, we’re talking with two of the barbers in the shop, Sammy Iglesias and Carlos Chavez. It goes without saying, but building a top barbershop requires a team of barbers that not only fit the vibe and mission, but also have talent and marketability themselves.


Aside from making the customer feel 100 after a fresh cut or shave, Sammy and Carlos bring other elements into play, like their love for fashion, art and creativity. Sammy draws inspiration from fits into his work while Carlos likes to draw and take designs and colors onto clients’ heads. Integrating this into the culture at MOBAR is what has helped them achieve success and they’re here to drop some dimes below.


First and foremost, how did you get into barbering?

Carlos: In Costa Rica, one of my friends, he used to cut hair, and one day I just picked up clippers and I started cutting hair.


What’s it like being a barber at MOBAR?

Sammy: Being a barber at MOBAR is great because it’s a place where I can go and really hone in my craft, and be around my clients, and the people that I love every day.


Carlos: I like to be a barber at MOBAR because I can express myself through my clients and through my art.



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What gets you hype?

Sammy: What gets me hype is fashion, music, art.


Carlos: I like to paint, and I like to draw. So if I can do it on paper, why not with hair?


Can you name a go-to hidden gem in your neighborhood?

Sammy: I would say my go-to hidden gem is the comic book store. Because it was the place I’ve always gone to when I was a kid, it’s a place where I can unplug from the world.


Carlos: I like to go to new stores that sell art so I can get new ideas.



What does self-care mean to you?

Sammy: To me, self-care is being able to treat yourself, whether that’s going to get a haircut, or buying that fresh pair of shoes you wanted to get, or going to that restaurant you always wanted to try.


What is the earning potential of a barber like yourself?

Sammy: I feel like the earning potential for a barber like myself is really limitless. Because it’s really determined by how much effort you put forth.


Carlos: To me, you can make whatever you put your mind to.



How do you define success?

Sammy: To me, success is being able to make a living doing what you love with the people that you love to do it with.


Carlos: You gotta love what you do.


What is your number one tip?

Sammy: My number one tip for those out there that are trying to be successful would be to just be consistent, and don’t beat around the path that made you want to be successful in the first place.


Carlos: Never give up.



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Written by Matt Peng
Interview conducted by Julia Poulakos
Transcription by Kayla Carmicheal
Produced by Anna Trinidad
Photos via MOBAR/Kat Fernandez/Julia Poulakos/Sammy Iglesias/Carlos Chavez