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If you have Butt Acne, read this

Sadly, this is too common.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 15, 2022

In case you were unaware, acne forms due to overproduction of oil, also known as sebum. Essentially, when there is too much sebum, it clogs the pores and prevents them from doing their job — blocking out debris, pollution, and other environmental elements. Although acne is most common on the face, it can actually occur anywhere there are pores, AKA, everywhere.


One area that often goes undetected (mostly because you can’t easily see it), is the butt. Butt acne could be uncomfortable or make you self-cautious when showing some skin, but we are here to say that there are ways to stop and treat butt acne for good. In this post, we will be discussing how it even starts, why breakouts occur there, and how to treat pesky blemishes on the rear end.


What causes butt acne?

For starters, you can get a body breakout from hormones, genetics, clogged pores, tight clothing, friction, continuous rubbing, and stress. Pimples on the butt happen when pores are blocked for too long. This can happen if you’re someone that likes to lounge in workout clothes long after you exercise or if you wear clothing that is far too tight. It’s not solely the sweat that causes the acne, but the sweat that mixes with dead skin cells, bacteria, oil, and dirt that form the pesky blemishes.


Hormones are another cause of butt acne. When you go through puberty, there are higher levels of androgens that make your hair follicles more sticky, clogging pores. You, of course, can’t control hormones manually, but instead can invest in products that unclog your pores.


How to treat butt acne?

If you happen to notice butt acne from working out often, remember to take your clothes off as quickly as possible. When you stay in sweaty or dirty clothes without rinsing your skin, the sweat, dirt, and dust that gets trapped into the clothing can dry out your pores — leading to acne formation. The best thing to do is take a quick shower after a sweaty activity and cleanse your body with a body wipe. You should do the same with underwear.


In the summer, or if you live in warmer climates, be sure to change out of swimsuits/trunks immediately, as the tightness and wetness can form butt acne as well. If you happen to experience butt acne or any other irritation on the bum, be sure to allow your skin to breath by opting for loose-fitted clothing or wick away moisture fabrics like cotton, rayon, and linen.


Standing up every hour during a long day of work doesn’t only help your posture and circulation, but will do wonders for your bum as well. Essentially, the pressure and friction from sitting on the rear end can lead to acne. Be sure to get up every hour or two to relieve that pressure. You can stretch your muscles, fill up a water bottle, go to the bathroom — anything to make sure your butt isn’t obsolete for so long.


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Photo via Sarah Kobos