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Fire Finds: CADEIA Handcrafted Chains

words by: Matt Peng
Nov 27, 2020

Today is the annual shopping tradition known as Black Friday, and this year, instead of supporting large corporations and conglomerates, we urge you to shop local and with small businesses. This week’s Fire Finds is dedicated to two women of color who have taken our “new norm” and decided to start a business that is both fashionable and functional.



CADEIA, which means “chain” in Portuguese, was founded earlier this year by Jennifer Yu and Sarah Lam and represents their love for travel. While being quarantined during COVID, the two took their creative energy and crafted chains that are both fashion accessories and face mask holders. It’s great to have something to hold you face mask when you are in a safe space and these make for a wonderful gift around the holidays. Personally, I like that each color in the series is named after cities they love to visit because who knows when it will be safe to travel safely again. You can shop cities like St. Barth’s (clear) to Tokyo (black) to LA (multi) to Tulum (white). There are sizes are both adults and kids and they range in price from $20 to $25.


Jennifer Yu summarized the brand’s mission by saying:


“We really wanted to create a solution that could help promote safety and cleanliness but that would also reflect our own personal style.”


Whether you want to wear these are a fashion statement, eyewear holder or face mask holder, head over to now to pick up a pair.



Photos via CADEIA