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CAMPERLAB’s new collection is very much on Trend

Sustainable and sleek.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Aug 7, 2022

First launched in 2015, CAMPERLAB is “aimed at reinforcing and transmitting the same values and ethos established by the brand since its outset, while taking a new approach to product design and communication which explores a parallel Camper universe rooted in authenticity. Simple yet sophisticated, honest yet ironic.”


For its new Fall/Winter 2022 collection, CAMPERLAB presents fearlessly kitsch designs with sustainable materials that redefines consciously produced footwear.


The label created statement shoes that are somewhat reminiscent of Y2K aesthetics, but signaled that the label, while caring for the quality of production, doesn’t take itself or fashion too seriously — in a good way. The Mallorcan-based subsection of the famed footwear brand focuses mainly on avant-garde designs and statement pieces that remain within the framework of sustainability.


CAMPERLAB’s FW22 collection continues in the same bold path as the brand’s last few releases, but this time around, with more invention and innovation, maintaining the signature color palettes that make its footwear unique and recognizable. There have been 2 new silhouettes added for this collection.


The first one is the Tossu, which is slang for “sneaker.” Tossu is CAMPERLAB’s star product in terms of sustainability. It’s inspired by chunky ’90s sneakers, with puffy Styrofoam and inbuilt yarn sock.  This eliminates the need for nasty chemical glues and ensures that the shell remains rock solid.



And then there’s Venga, which is more reminiscent of cowboy designs with its pointed toe and the detailing. Venga has a second layer underneath that produces extra length. The Finnish designer, Achilles Ion Gabriel, who has helmed the label since 2019, shared that the Venga boots are “ironic in the shape yet playful with their molding clay outsoles and funny colors.” The shoe is available in a three-toned leather that will change color and appearance over time, which makes it so that it ages into a deep burnt burgundy-black reminiscent of destroyed leather.



The new collection has reimagined some of its old styles and color ways, with the zany cow making a return after being features in FW21, however, this time it comes in a CAMPERLAB particular lime shade.


The collection is both sophisticated and playful, and create a universe of surreal shoewear and colorways that are incredibly exciting and refreshing. CAMPERLAB is one of those labels that will always inspire and shock at once, and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us.


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Photos via CAMPERLAB