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Can I wear sweatpants in public?  

Why not?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Feb 28, 2020

It seems like my Instagram has gone from influencers and celebrities showing off their latest designer items to embracing loungewear. When I scroll, I see Michael B. Jordan’s tailored grey sweatpants, Shia LaBeouf’s green sweats with combat boots, and David Beckham in perfectly baggy sweatpants while out for lunch with his daughter. 



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Originally only worn at home and the gym, they were comfort pants. The pants you’d wear when you were running errands. If you wear them outside of these situations, you could be seen as prioritizing your comfort over your appearance. Which is maybe what the Parisian bouncer thought?

Athleisure has been one of probably the biggest trend of the past few years. But when Jerry Lorenzo, designer of Fear of God, wasn’t allowed into a Parisian club because he was wearing sweatpants, it made us think – are there certain spaces that don’t embrace this laid back look?

Unless of course you’re Kanye West.

Kanye was seen in sweatpants at a Versace show and then again the same week at a Prada party in Miami. Originally we thought wearing the same pair of pants in one week was a little much. The difference between Kanye and Jerry Lorenzo however, is Kanye paired the black tailored sweats with a slightly oversized graphic tee and one-of-a kind trainers. It was a sharp look. Whereas Jerry Lorenzo’s look lacked effort. 

So we say, as long as it’s not your old college sweats and you’re styled correctly, it could be the perfect off-duty getup.

What do you think? Is it time to ditch your sweats or are you in it for the long haul?