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Can you make your pores smaller?

Hint: Not really.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 7, 2022

Thanks to COVID and increased Zoom sessions, we were all made a lot more aware of every detail on our faces. One thing you might be wondering about are those pores on your face and if the larger ones can become smaller. To cut to the chase, you cannot make your pores smaller. They are actually a very important part of your skin, and shrinking them could cause overheating, toxic buildup, and congestion.


What are pores?

A pore is in charge of releasing sweat and sebum. Without these small things, the skin would have no way of ridding itself of toxins and protecting itself against dehydration and overheating. So don’t fall for the products that claim to tighten or decrease the size — they could lead to blemishes. It’s best to just keep pores the way that they are.


What causes pores to enlarge?

The size of a pore is based on genetics. Sadly, no cream, laser, or peel can change the diameter of a pore. People with more sensitive skin and combination skin will experience large pores. If you feel like your pores are too large, rest assured that most people have visible ones. It is totally normal to see them. Also, due to hormone shifts, pores can get bigger as you age. As we age, collage and elastin start to decrease and the loss of support for the structure widens — causing bigger pores.


Apart from age, a history with acne and oily skin will also cause pores to increase in size over time. Not to mention, smoking can impact the elasticity of skin too, causing pores to stretch. Overexposure to sun could also cause enlarged pores.


How to care for large pores

The good news is it’s a very simple routine if you want to prevent enlarging. Make sure to use SPF and antioxidants in your skincare routine every single day, without fail. If you need an extra oomph for when they’re especially large, you can look to micro needling, as well. For over-the-counter products, Vitamin C and retinol work well too.


Remember, they will look larger if they are clogged by sebum (oil), dead skin cells (make sure to exfoliated) and dirt (make sure to always cleanse your skin in both the morning and evening). However, be weary of over-cleansing and over-exfoliating as that can lead to dryness.


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