Candles for each room of your Crib

Different smells for different areas of the crib.

words by: Matt Peng
Feb 15, 2022

We recently put out a guide to candles for every mood, and before winter is over and we transition into incense for the summer, we wanted to share some candles to burn for winter’s farewell party.


The ones I’ve put together in this list are used in specific rooms of my apartment to set the mood, feel free to shop the brands for other candles that you think will suit your own needs.




Photo via TAFT


This is a weird area of the apartment as it’s filled with shoes, packages, keys, garbage at times, and other miscellaneous items. Thankfully, TAFT has entered the candle market with their Spanish Cedar candle. Made in the USA with a soy blend, the top notes include mandarin and peppercorn while middle and base notes include cedarwood, leather and amber. Think of a 11.5 ounce fresh shoe tree just sucking away all the terrible smells and leaving you with that fresh wood scent.


Shop the TAFT Spanish Cedar candle at for $40




Photo via homesick


Let’s start off by saying that the brand homesick is amazing because they really bring the smell of different geographic locations and themes into their candles. As we transition from Aquarius season into Pisces season, you can fill your bathroom with the water-themed Pisces candle from homesick. Made from natural soy wax, the 13.75 ounce candle has top notes of muguet, water orchid and blue waves, while the mid notes bring beach moss, white sands and aloe vera followed with base notes of driftwood, cactus flower and eucalyptus. Your tub and shower are gonna feel like a tropical beach paradise.


Shop the homesick Pisces candle at for $34




Photo via Diptyque


Most people wouldn’t think of putting a candle in the kitchen. However, when Diptyque drops a limited edition Litchi candle, you grab it. The popular French candle brand gives us an olfactory mix of roses, lychee and even raspberry as you burn this 190 gram candle for its 60 hour duration. Even while you cook this is an enjoyable scent.


Shop the Diptyque Litchi candle at for $76


Living Room


Photo via APOTHEKE


The living room is probably where you spend the most time and where the scent has to be peaceful. Nothing is more calming than the light smell of tea leaves and APOTHEKE has the perfect Assam Tea candle for that. A limited edition candle made in the USA from soy wax, this 13 ounce candle delivers crushed cardamom, grated ginger, black tea leaves, moro orange and pink pepper into your nostrils.


Shop the APOTHEKE Assam Tea candle at for $31.50




Photo via Boy Smells


Where rest and magic happen. Just like the living room, you want something that calms and relaxes you before bed or something that is romantic for when you and your partner feel the urge. Boy Smells Cameo is the perfect balance for me. A combination of bergamot, lemon peel, crystalized ginger, mandarin, rose petals, tuberose, violet leaf, musk, white woods, cetalox, vanilla and amber help achieve the perfect blend. I recommend the 27 ounce magnum size.


Shop the Boy Smells Cameo candle at for $76


Since it’s Black History Month, don’t forget to shop at Black-owned candle companies as well. For that matter, shop these all year round.