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The latest Trend in Cannabis: Bud and Breakfast Hotels

Would you like some bud with your coffee, sir?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 25, 2022

The original Airbnb bed and breakfasts took the world by storm when they developed their strategy — a hotel that would also serve breakfast. It was an unheard of phenomenon at the time. But offering a necessary service and creating a new avenue made way for hotel brands and independent brands to follow.


And now, the notion of a bud and breakfast hybrid is on the horizon, hoping to have the same impact. With the cannabis tourism industry listed at $17 billion, it seems like now is the best time to capitalize on the idea. In many states, 19 to be exact, marijuana is legal. There are entire city centers and blocks dedicated to marijuana-infused cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, luxury dispensaries, and even private and semi-private cannabis tours. Like we said, the cannabis industry is booming. But what exactly is a bud and breakfast hotel?


The buzzy phenomenon is inspired by the legalization of cannabis in more and more states. The stigma has been removed around using, growing, and celebrating marijuana. People now take canna-cations (cannabis vacations if you aren’t following), with millennials leading the trend. It makes sense that tourists would want to go to places where they can legally buy weed. In fact, $4.5 billion sales are from tourists who, on average, spend between $300 to $550 on marijuana annually.


In response, places like Denver Patterson Inn have licensed cannabis consumption lounges in their hotels. Denver, Modesto, and other weed-favorable cities understand that cannabis-loving tourists don’t have a specific profile or look different than the average tourist. They could be single moms, young parents, millennial, pet-owners, avid-hikers — you name it, and they could be marijuana seekers. They are creating a new kind of market where they provide experiences and guide tourists to areas where cannabis is heavily used.


If you think about it, it’s genius. These hotels and local governments have discovered a niche and gap in the market where cannabis tourists have money to spend but don’t necessarily know where to spend it. These organizations step in and provide them with the accurate resources, experiences, and recommendations to have the vacation they dreamed of. Although this is a very new industry, experts predict that this industry will be huge in no time. And by no time, we mean in the next couple years.


There’s nothing surprising about this, as weed can be a wonderful self-care tool. Cheers to carefree vacations.


Photo via Adagio B&B