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Can’t seem to escape Razor Burn? Read this.

No more pain.

words by: Team ULTRA
Jun 15, 2020

Shaving can sometimes feel like an experiment. Some days you get it right, and nail the perfect stubble, and some days you leave the bathroom a victim of the blade. Razor burn doesn’t have to be part of your morning routine, in fact with the below steps, you’ll never have irritated red, razor burned skin again.


Preparation is key

Personal trainers recommend warming up before you work out. It is a way to prepare the body to perform better. The same goes for your face. Start by taking a hot shower, or wash your face with warm water. The warmth will soften your skin and hair, and lessen your chances of the blade dragging and pulling the skin. Once your face is washed, apply a pre-shave oil or cream. This acts as a base layer to shield the razor from compromising your skin. Prepping the skin will allow clean and quick cuts. 


Embrace variety

A sharp, clean blade is essential in preventing burn. Make sure you are replacing your blade the minute you see it’s dull or dirty. Our general rule of thumb is eight uses per razor, or no longer than three weeks. Razors gather bacteria and dust quickly, regardless of how you store it. 


Light hand

You are now ready to shave. Trust your preparation, pick up your razor and get started. Make sure you lighten your grip to avoid shaving extra cells or hair below the surface. The blade should glide smoothly over your base layer and shouldn’t require multiple passes if you’ve done everything right. Pro tip: shave against the grain of your hair growth to ensure the closest shave. Oh, and please rinse the blade between strokes. Failing to do so, you’ll drag dead skin and hair across the rest of your face. Yuck.


Finish strong

Congrats, you shaved without razor burn! In the same way we prepped the skin, we must seal the skin to end. Rinse your face with cold water to remove debris and to close the pores. Next, nourish the skin with a post-shave balm. The dense balm will lock in moisture and vitamins.