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You’ve probably heard about it, so what is a Carrier Oil?

Hint: You need them to work with your essential oils.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 1, 2022

The world of essential oils is a complicated one. The aroma therapeutic tradition is added to candles, body butters, bath salts and washes, and now, skincare products. Although they have a transcending scent and feel lush to the touch, essential oil without being mixed into anything is too potent to be used alone. In fact, it can irritate the skin when applied in its purest form.


What is carrier oil?

This is where carrier oils, vegetable oils and seed oils come into play. The carrier oils have fat, oil, and plant materials that are great for skincare products. These carrier oils act as an armor against the essential oil to protect the skin. It’s the physical separation that will shield the skin from direct contact of harmful components that could impact the skin cells.


When using them though, if you experience redness or discomfort from a certain type of oil, be sure to seek professional help before moving forward. For this reason, you should dilute the essential oil with the carrier oil and follow these percentages: 2 ounces of carrier oil to 0.1 ounce of essential oil.  You can enjoy mixing and matching when you DIY your next essential oil till you find the right carrier oil for you. In that realm, here are our favorite and most popular blend choices.


Favorite carrier oils

Coconut oil: The main base of carrier oils, as it has many benefits.


Olive oil: Very moisturizing and is great for acne-prone skin, as it unclogs pores.


Almond oil: Will help minimize frizz.


Argan oil: Good for any puffy skin or inflammation, whether acne-caused or stress.


Grapeseed oil: Will help plump and rejuvenate the skin and would be great in a face or sheet mask.


Apricot oil: Will help smooth fine lines if you have mature skin or pre-mature signs of aging.


All in all, carrier oils work to protect your skin from the harsh chemicals in essential oils in their natural elements. It allows you to still enjoy the aromatherapy benefits (calming of the skin, soothing of fine lines, deduction of inflammation and puffiness) without any negative side effects to the skin. Do not forget to use the carrier oil. When in doubt of the ratio, always increase the carrier oil instead of the essential oil.


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