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An intro to CBD products from real people

I got the homies to test out all these products for you.

words by: Matt Peng
Apr 20, 2021

CBD has penetrated the grooming, self-care and wellness market in almost every way imaginable. While traditional pre-roll joints aren’t for everyone, products ranging from creams and oils for your pains and aches to edibles that help you mellow out are only just the tip of the proverbial iceberg in terms of the versatility of CBD.


We understand the stigma that CBD carries because of its relationship to marijuana so I called up some friends to give you real reviews of select products from different categories. Every single person said that the product helped relax/heal them without the feeling of being actually high – which is caused by THC. That’s the main difference and overall purpose of CBD products – to relax and allow for recovery so you’re in a healthier physical and mental state.


Below are a breakdown of the major product categories offered and some real-life accounts of CBD product experiences.



These range from lotions to creams to oils and serums. We all have some sort of topicals integrated into our daily skincare grooming routines (or we should), so this section adds or replaces certain products that may already be in your rotation. If you don’t mind a strong scent, both the Proper Canna Naturals – 600mg Aloe Lavender Body Lotion and Proper Canna Naturals – 600mg Rocky Mountain Chill Muscle Gel work wonders. Personally, I don’t mind that cool minty smell since I’ve always been an athlete, so the Rocky Mountain Chill was great for me. If you’re looking for something less aggressive on the nostrils, Just Beauty CBD has you covered.


My sister uses the entire lineup of products from Just Beauty CBD and says that the unisex skincare line is a must:

“I love that the line is clean, all-natural, vegan and USDA certified organic full-spectrum CBD. You can smell that they used quality oils and it smells fantastic. The body balm was great for my sunburn because it has anti-inflammatory properties and really calmed my skin. I also love that the packaging is eco-friendly.”


Skincare is definitely one of those areas, as you all know having been with us for a while, that takes a lot of trial and error. So we recommend reading the ingredients carefully and trying to see what works best for you.


Photo via Just Beauty CBD



Pre-rolled joints and vapes are pretty self-explanatory but it’s nice that someone else does all the hard work for you. My friends tested out the Half Day 2-pack CBD Half-Joints and their first impressions were that the packaging was super inviting. “The packaging for the items were bright and vibrant, which makes opening everything very inviting,” was what one friend told me while another concurred that “It was very cut and detailed, which made me feel like I was getting something special.” In terms smoking CBD, it has to be said, it will create the same smoke indoors that a blunt or cigarette does but the time it lasts is not the same as bud – it’s a lot shorter.


One friend commented that they actually preferred bud over CBD:

“The biggest difference I found is the way CBD makes me feel vs. marijuana. CBD provides a calm, relaxing warmth where marijuana lets you hit that ‘high,’ which I prefer more.”


I had another friend try the Funky Farms Pineapple Express Vape Pen (200mg). She said it definitely helped her feel more relaxed and calm but the vape can have a burnt taste at times. This is actually an issue I’ve found using all sorts of vapes in the past and why I prefer not to use electronics for smoking. Some people still prefer the ease of vapes and changing out cartridges for different flavors occasionally so try it for yourself.

Photo via Half Day



The thing with edibles is dosage. You have to be aware of how much and how many you are taking. The bigger you are, the more you may have to ingest in order to “feel anything.” That was the case for one friend as he didn’t feel anything while his girlfriend felt a “mild effect and calmness which lasted for a short spurt, about half an hour.” Both agreed that the Half Day Strawberry CBD Gummies (25mg) and Funky Farms Watermelon Gummies (50mg/pack) were tasty. Another option in the edibles category are oils.


Edibles is the category I recommend beginners and those exploring CBD to start out with first. One of the main reasons is because you can pick and choose flavors that you are already comfortable and familiar with. Another reason is because its much easier to eat something than it is to find a place to smoke something or apply something.


Photo via Funky Farms


Use code “HALFDAY10” for 10% off Half Day products and “FUNKY15” for 15% off Funky Farms products. As you enjoy your 420 today, whether through marijuana or CBD, please remember to use all these products safely and according to the instructions while following the laws of your country, state, county, city.


Photo via Irina/Adobe Stock