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Is Chlorophyll Water good for you?

It doesn’t hurt to try it.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Apr 11, 2021

Working out at the gym the other day (outdoors of course), there was a lady who instead of drinking water, had a bottle of green liquid with her. After seeing her around the gym with this bottle for a few weeks now, I finally decided to inquire what it was. To my surprise, she was drinking chlorophyll and went on and on about the benefits. Curious, I decided to look it up myself.

As it turns out, the wellness industry is soaking it up. Labeled as a detox drink, chlorophyll is known promote good gut health, complexion and weight loss.


What is Chlorophyll Water?

In short: a green-pigmented water. In grade school, I learned that it is a green compound found in plants that absorbs sunlight, converting to energy via photosynthesis. So how does it help humans? Basically, it’s rich in Vitamin A, C, K and antioxidants.


What are the benefits?

The main benefits are weight loss and detoxification. Many athletes use this liquid as it increases platelet-related measures in the blood, helping to reduce pain and fatigue. Chlorophyll also helps skin inflammation and neutralizes odors.


How often do I need to have it?

Experts recommend 100-300mg a day to see and feel benefits.


Should I drink chlorophyll over regular water?

Although the benefits could be seen, it’s important to remember there is very little scientific evidence to back all claims. It wouldn’t hurt to drink it, but you could most likely reap the same benefits by eating rich green vegetables. Like most things, consult a doctor before starting.


Another water trend we observed last year was with grooming skincare products and micellar water.


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