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How we feel about the new Coke with Coffee

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 7, 2021

Coke with Coffee launched in the United States on January 24—a long time after it’s been available internationally. This Coke is made with Brazilian coffee, and available in two flavors: caramel and vanilla.


If you are like me and you thought that Coke already had a certain dose of caffeine, this Coke with Coffee is a whole different ball game. Each 12-ounce bottle has 69 milligrams of caffeine (that’s almost half as much caffeine that you can find in a 12-ounce cup of coffee, but definitely more than what’s in a can of Coke). The new product comes at a time when the company is planning to cut its portfolio in half. But seeing as it’s been experimenting with this new blend for years (in 2006 they launched Coca-Cola BlāK—a coffee-flavored version of Coke). Coca-Cola BlāK totally flopped and the company discontinued its production.



I, myself, am a huge fan of Coca-Cola, and love having the occasional can with a meal every once in a while. However, it was always a choice for me between Coca-Cola or coffee after lunch. I’m pretty thrilled that they have combined the two now and I can enjoy both in the same beverage.


Photo via Coca-Cola