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Coca-Cola just made a hard seltzer

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 3, 2020

Just when you thought you knew all the hard seltzers out there – White Claw, Truly, and Mike’s Hard Lemonade – here comes Coca-Cola aiming to get a piece of the pie.


Later this year, Coca-Cola will be launching a hard seltzer under its Topo Chico sparkling water brand. The drink will be sold in select cities in Latin America this year and in the United States starting next year.


Coke acquired Topo Chico in 2017 and has been flourishing in the sparkling water sector. Knowing that hard seltzers are a fast-growing category, they hope to be just as successful. Topo Chico is beloved in Northern Mexico and parts of Texas, and the mega brand has no doubts that the spiked seltzer will be just as popular.


Photo via Coca-Cola