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Cocaine is canceled, try this boozy cold brew instead 


words by: Jacob Seferian
Dec 12, 2019

A new way to get drunk but perked that will surely end with you hovering over a toilet has hit the market: prepackaged alcoholic iced coffee.


Don’t worry, this is not Vodka-Redbull erasure. BOMANI’s Cold Buzz, with an ABV of a beer and 0g of sugar, joins the trend of low-cal alcoholic beverages that don’t taste like alcohol.


When you drink too much… you get sleepy. By adding caffeine to the mix, BOMANI plans to counteract the natural downer effects of booze and keep you lively and, most importantly, keep you partying (read: buying more Cold Buzzes). It’s a decent marketing plan, one which dealers have been capitalizing on for years. 


Caffeine and liquor collabs are nothing new — just ask the Irish. However, what BOMANI offers is convenience. The brand’s purpose, according to their founders — all of whom are in their 20s — is “to empower individuals who, like us, challenge the status quo.” OK, bro… written, no doubt, while on a late night binge of their own product. 


BOMANI is currently making the rounds at different food and beverage festivals, hoping to crack into retail markets soon.


Lord help us.