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Do cold Skincare products work better?

So chilling.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 30, 2022

I know this might sound weird, but my life changed when I put my skincare products in the fridge. Prior to getting a proper skincare fridge, I would work in products that were room temperature each morning. Don’t get me wrong, they still yielded results, but the de-puffing and inflammation decrease I’ve noticed when I do freeze them moments prior to use, versus when I don’t, it makes the world of a difference. Why? Because of cold therapy.


Why it works

Similar to when placing an ice pack on a bruise, the cold temperature relieves inflammation and soothes skin. By placing your favorite serums, moisturizers and sunscreen in the fridge, the products stay efficacious (read: Effective) and stable for longer periods of time. This is especially true for natural products, and those with less preservatives.


Frigid temps help extend shelf life and keeps peptides and other actives (hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid) intact for longer. It’s also great for those products that say keep in a safe and dark place.


But the main benefit, of course, is the ability to de-puff skin and boost circulation. Cold products can also help calm down redness without making you look like you just came out of a workout class. You can cool any tool as well: Gua Sha and face rollers, eye cream sticks, or anything else you put on in the morning to make your face appear less swollen.


I especially like to take advantage of cold therapy the night after drinking, as alcohol is known to inflame the face. I also like to do this on days my allergies get the best of my eyes—my cold jade roller helps alleviate some of the irritation and swelling.


Using something cold on your face not only feels lovely, but has a lot of healing benefits too. And you don’t even need to purchase a skincare fridge (although it is aesthetically pleasing). Alternatively, you can just keep the products in your regular fridge to save money. Both will work the same and make your skincare products hyper-effective.


And if you don’t trust me, trust the over 83 million TikTok views. It’s worth it.


If you’ve never tried a cool jade roller on your face after a stressful day, you’re missing out. And don’t forget, as we transition from summer to fall and winter, you’re grooming and skincare routine needs to change too.