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Would you go on a Comedy Blind Date?

In the name of love.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 11, 2022

The dating scene in New York City is interesting, to say the least. People here find dates on apps, at grocery stores, on walks, on the subway, at work, at the gym, and everywhere in between. But because you can find dates anywhere and the city is so over-populated, people don’t often make it to second and third dates.


I believe people are very much looking for companionship and love, but are so bombarded by the amount of options they also feel as if they should see it all before deciding. Or, they go on a date with someone and one small, minuscule thing or habit they notice is off, and they throw the whole date away, never wanting to see the other person again. It’s the reason why so many people are single here, that, and well, the sheer volume of humans.


Having experienced this and knowing this, I go into dates with very little and often no expectations. If it goes well, great. If we like each other, great. If it goes bad and we don’t like each other, that is also great. I always find it best to see what you don’t like as well, it does however become annoying if you feel like someone has wasted your time. Anyways, I digress.


With these inner understandings, when a friend was telling me she dated this comedian for 2 weeks before he ghosted her, I was ready to tell her it’s fine — there are plenty of other fish in the sea. But after hearing what he does for a living I was intrigued. He is a comedian, but his special act is a series of blind dates in which he selects members of the audience to come up on the stage for a round of speed dating. All the while, in typical comedic form, he will crack jokes about the people on stage.


My initial thought was confusion. Were people willingly going to this show for speed dating? Would they be able to say no if they got asked and didn’t want to go up? Was there any success in this form of dating?


To find out, I attended the show. It starts off as a regular comedy show and his last act, lasting 5-10 minutes are the blind dates. I was under the impression that people were selected prior to the show’s start as they seemed to anticipate their names being called, and it seemed as if the comedian already had his jokes in his head. When the speed dating actually happened, it wasn’t that exciting and I don’t think the jokes landed as strongly.


I asked one of the guys if he knew he was going up tonight and he said he hoped for it. After leaving the show, I don’t believe this will be a new way to date, it’s more so just an idea that an artist is trying out.


With that being said, in the name of love, would you willingly sign up to get made fun of while on a date?


There’s an Amazon show called The Blind Date where this happens and Tinder has also launched a new “Blind Date” feature.