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Comme Des Garçons puts white models in cornrow wigs


words by: Team ULTRA
Jan 17, 2020

Men’s Fashion Week in Paris is in full swing, but something seems off about Comme Des Garçons’ FW20 presentation.

The show’s predominately Caucasian cast of models appear to be sporting cornrowed, lace front wigs. This controversial misstep comes only a year after the brand was publicly criticized for failing to hire Black models basically ever. Seems absurd that we still have to say this in 2020, but it’s not OK to treat someone else’s culture as a costume. Plus they look fucking ridiculous.



Whether it’s Gucci pulling products which resemble Black face to Burberry sending a model down the runway with a noose around her neck, the high fashion community continues to make mind-boggling and offensive choices.

Let’s hope the new decade brings sensitivity and a few more brain cells to these fashion execs.