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A guide to finding a Commuter Bag for you to work on the go

The key lies in the pockets.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 10, 2022

As the outside world continues to open up and the pandemic transitions into an endemic, your office might still allow you to work from home. Of course, having collectively done so for the last 2 years, you might be finding it rather tricky to continue seeing the same 4 walls of your apartment. Or if you’re tight on space, you’re probably sick of sleeping, eating, and working in the same area. Honestly, where is the balance? Maybe you are finding it in your local café or library, proving that change of scenery is good and can increase productivity.


I hope I am not alone in saying that each time I leave my house to do work outside, I get my entire to-do list done, versus the lower completion rate when I coach myself through at home. Dramatic? Sure, but it’s true. There is something about leaving the familiar (your home) and going out into an atmosphere where other people are working and having healthy distractions surround you.


I guess this is why our employers want us back in the office, but that is beside the point. The thing about working outside your home is carrying your stuff with you. With my laptop, charger, notebook, phone, phone charger, wallet, and water, I can’t carry them all. That’s where a commuter work bag comes in.


But not just any bag — one that holds a lot of items and relaxes restfully on your back so as to not cause pain. Also, look for something that doesn’t compromise on fashion for comfort, but has both elements so much so that someone never guess the main duty of the bag. Those are the sweet spots.


Pockets are key

I’ve found that the best commuter bags have lots of different pockets for holding your essentials. There are also smaller commuter bags for those back-to-back meetings that are outside of your home. Sure, these tend to resemble fanny packs, but they are super chic now. You’ll also want to look for a bag or briefcase that has a padded pocket to safely secure your laptop. Lastly, there should be a place for a water bottle.


From experience, I’ve invested in Away Travel, Tumi, Smithsonian, and other brands at the big department stores. Whatever you decide, just make sure it works for your lifestyle rather than buying it for its appearance.


Save the environment and start with a sustainable bag made of recycled materials. Or, go with something a little more high-end and sport a Telfar.


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