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How to grocery shop during Coronavirus

If you aren’t getting it delivered, read this.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 20, 2020

Over the last few months, grocery stores initially were completely sold out of products. Costco and other major retailers forbid returns on toilet paper, paper towels, and other goods people bought in bulk out of fear of lock downs. If you were not one of these bulk shoppers, you’re probably finding it easier to get those goods now. While lock down has eased in some parts of the country, experts have deemed grocery shopping as an essential trip. Meaning, it is OK to go to your local store to restock but do so with caution. 


When you buy food in person, you risk the chance of being exposed to a large number of people. Specialists recommend grocery delivery and curbside pickup as better options. If these options are not available, follow these steps if you go to a grocery store: pick a time that will be less crowded, maintain a six-foot distance between yourself and anyone else, if possible, go to a store that limits the amount of customers at a time (a lot of places are doing this now). 


If you’d rather have your groceries delivered, it’s important to choose a no-contact delivery method where the delivery person will leave items at your door – avoiding any physical contact. Upon arrival, use gloves to open any bags or containers and immediately clean off any fruits and vegetables purchased. This is a respiratory disease, if the delivery person happened to sneeze or cough on or near the bags, they could be contaminated. And don’t forget to tip! If the app you’re using doesn’t offer it, leave cash outside. And remember to be generous, these people are risking their health for us.