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You might not be wearing your clothes, but you should be cleaning them

Here’s how.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Aug 22, 2020

Putting jeans on lately is a hard pass for most of us. And quite frankly, not logical when cooped up inside. While quarantine cleaning the other day, I noticed half my closet is either wrinkled, faded, ripped or stained. I know I’m not wearing real clothes during quarantine, but isn’t it my duty to look after them for when I do? If you have similar thoughts and time to kill (who doesn’t), below are detailed tips on how to keep your clothes in good shape. 


Sneaker heads

Cleaning pearly white sneakers or worn out running shoes is easy. All you need is baking soda and a little water. Combine the two to make a paste and use a small brush, like a toothbrush, to scrub the paste and watch it remove stains and discoloration on your sneakers. Wipe off residue and dirt with a cloth or towel and repeat until all dirt is gone. Before you put the baking soda away, you might want to sprinkle some inside your sneakers to neutralize odor. Feel free to leave overnight and dump out powder in the morning. 


Laundry day

Ever since COVID-19, most of us have a good five to ten items on rotation. So even if you are doing laundry less often than usual, it is still important to get it right. The most vital part of this soapy equation is the detergent you chose. Make sure to select a detergent that not only cleans, but conditions as well. And then, skip the dryer. Not only will it save you coins, but it is also better for your fabrics and environment. Dryers tend to wear on fabric and elasticity in apparel. Remove items from the washer and lay garments flat to dry or hang them to air out.


Preserve delicates 

The key to delicates is airing. Very often, leaving garments outside (for COVID-19 reasons, you can hang garments on bathroom or bedroom doors) for a few hours does the trick. When washing delicate items, either dry clean or keep in a mesh laundry bag.