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Thinking of flying during COVID? Follow these tips.

Might as well be prepared, right?

words by: Natasha Marsh
Mar 30, 2022

I love to travel. Prior to the pandemic, I spent maybe one week out of each month at my actual apartment. Fortunately, work takes me places, and I have a lot of friends all over the world. I was constantly on a trip, or thinking about what to pack for a trip.


And I know this is very much a first world problem, but since COVID hit (and continues to last), one of the things I miss most is traveling. And since most of my adventures are quite far in mileage, an airplane has been my main mode of transit. With the pandemic, as I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, all air travel stopped for a while. But now that traveling by plane is a possibility again, I am looking forward to spending some of 2022 abroad. Fingers crossed.


If you’re also thinking of safely traveling in the coming months, I put together a short list of tips to utilize while you are traveling, and before you plan your flight as well. After two years of a pandemic, I completely understand the desire to get back to old routines and lifestyles. But again, can’t stress the importance of being safe while you do. Of course, the safest thing to do is stay inside, but one can only be isolated for so long. So if you are willing and feel comfortable enough to travel, follow the below guide.


Also, it should go without saying, vaccination plus COVID-19 prevention measures (getting boosted, wearing a mask, making sure there is good ventilation) are the best strategies for daily life and travel.


To have the safest trip possible, keep reading.


Before you go, do you really have to go?

I’ve been toying with this thought before accepting invitations to dirty thirty birthdays, bachelorettes, and destination weddings. From the mouth of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC), they urge you to think about the things below before you buy a flight:

  • Be completely aware of the COVID-19 situation at your city or country of destination. It is wise to have the complete picture before embarking on anything during a pandemic, but especially when there is air travel involved.
  • Be sure to follow all local, state, and country travel restrictions. Yes, this is typically a thing to look at when flying internationally, but it’s especially something that should be done in a global pandemic. Be sure to check what their mask mandates are, vaccination requirements, testing (post or prior to departure), and quarantine requirements. During these unprecedented times, it’s better to have as little surprises as possible. Will make for a much smoother trip and soothing of anxiety.
  • Check if your airline is requiring any specific documents, vaccination, or testing. Again, no surprises.
  • Be flexible. As you probably saw on the news or social media, the lines and delays that occurred over the holidays were extreme. Plan ahead by arriving early to the airport and make sure you are up-to-date on all policies and same day changes.
  • Lastly and most important, wear a mask the entire time you fly. Which means in between eating, when you are washing your hands, and when you are sleeping. This will minimize the risk of you getting COVID-19, or passing it to others before symptoms even come to you.


Pay attention to what the flight attendants say

When you flew pre-COVID, what was the percentage of people that actually listened to the safety measures displayed by flight attendants at the top of a flight? Slim to none? Same.


But, flight attendants are trained professionals who literally are meant to keep everyone safe onboard the aircraft. They know how to execute emergencies and are extremely well-trained to handle stressful, critical conditions. Listen to every single thing they say.


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