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COVID-19 testing kits will now be delivered to your door

Courtesy of DoorDash.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 29, 2021

It is becoming easier and easier to get tested for COVID-19 across the United States. Not only have we made incredible progress in terms of vaccinating a big percentage of people so far, now a testing kit can literally be delivered to your doorstep.


DoorDash, the online food ordering and food delivery platform, is expanding its delivery options to get you a PCR COVID-19 testing kit delivered straight to your doorsteps in less than an hour. The on-demand, at-home delivery COVID-19 test kits from Vault Health and Everlywell is expected to be rolled out to markets in Chicago, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix this month, with DoorDash hoping to extend its reach in the future. This partnership with two reputable digital health companies will make it possible for everyone to have access to COVID-19 testing regardless of healthcare status.


Following in line with other companies, such as FedEx, that started delivering at-home COVID-19 testing kits earlier in the year, this new development is paving the way for an even more accessible and secure service. Vault Health’s kit costs around $119 USD and includes a saliva test that must be administered under supervision from a representative of the company—but this doesn’t have to be in person, as the company is offering Zoom sessions for this part.


It seems that we have found many ways to control testing and the fate of the pandemic. Hopefully sometime in the near future, we won’t even have to think about the coronavirus anymore.


Photo via DoorDash