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Did you know CVS sells clothing?

Prepare to be shook.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 13, 2021

A typical run-in at the local CVS for chapstick, was quickly altered when I noticed hangers peaking out of the aisles. Confused on the foreign item amongst rows filled with medicine, sunscreen, makeup products, toiletries, snacks, candy, and the classic greeting card — I had to check it out.


Sure enough, towards the back of the store, there was an assortment of apparel for women, men and children. Ranging from $7-$20, you can score anything from work shirts and tailored trousers, to flip flops and penny loafer knockoffs. Stunned at the revelation, I only heard, “Excuse me miss, I was looking at that,” the second time the middle-aged women said it to me, as I was holding her coveted “silk” tunic.


So yes, the targeted audience (or at least the people privy to this category of CVS) tend to skew a bit older. Although I wasn’t particularly excited about the pieces they have, I could see how middle-aged men and women, might be into it. After all, CVS, like most drugstores, is a one-stop-shop. For them, it could be a place they could get their toothpaste and new socks or everyday T-shirts, all in the same trip. Older folks have fallen into the “risky” category of exposure throughout the pandemic and, if CVS is looking to congregate all their essentials into one location, we can’t be mad at that.


It should be noted that not all CVS’ carry clothing. Currently, I’m in Los Angeles and when I discussed the matter with colleagues in New York, and friends in Chicago and San Francisco (all big cities) they had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe it’s a new initiative CVS is trying. We’ll gladly report when we know more.


So what do you think, could CVS be an underrated fashion mecca? Would a Supreme x Timberland collaboration ever make its way onto their shelves?!