Latest MCU rumors were put to rest (for now) at the D23 Expo

Speculations turning into expectations.

words by: Alee Kwong
Sep 17, 2022

The MCU rumor mill has been in constant motion and the latest to come out of it was the speculation that Marvel Studios would announce the debut of Jodie Comer (as Sue Storm in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie) at this year’s D23 Expo in Anaheim, CA. Fans had high hopes that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige would finally drop the cast roster for Fantastic Four — a project set to kick off Phase Six of the MCU.


Comer was supposedly a part of a list of actors that have also been rumored to have signed on for the future MCU phases. The names on the list included the former Man of Steel Henry Cavill, Star Wars alums John Boyega and Giancarlo Esposito, Daisy Edgar-Jones, John Krasinski (yes, he played Mr. Fantastic in Multiverse of Madness — but as far as we are concerned, he was a variant just like Captain Carter and Captain Marvel), and Denzel Washington. No official announcements or confirmations have been made to the public yet, so again — these are all rumors. Nothing is set in stone until Feige says it is.



Fan casting and adding to the MCU rumor mill is all fun and games until the fans get disappointed. Ever since the MCU kicked off, fans have had a lot of fun coming up with theories in anticipation of upcoming projects. Understandably, Marvel Studios is handling the Fantastic Four project with extreme care. Many OG Marvel fans feel as though they’ve been burned by past iterations of the supergroup and while the announcement of the third attempt (technically the fourth if you include the unreleased 1994 version) is exciting, it comes with the burden of heavy expectations.


Social media reporters claim to have “reliable” sources and are most times proven wrong. Keeping up with the current confirmed status of the MCU is already a headache in itself (an enjoyable headache but a headache nonetheless), so following the scent of unfounded claims just seems like a waste of time for a lot of people, and the cost ends up being a lot of mental and emotional labor — especially when it doesn’t exactly pan out the way these reporters claim it will once the official announcements drop.


My advice? Fan cast as much as you want, but go into it knowing that you’re probably going to be wrong. As far as character cameo theories go, I suggest start with reading the comic books or researching Marvel Comics character intersections if you don’t have the time to dive deep into the comic books. That will give you a good base and a better idea of what to possibly expect down the MCU line.


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Photo via Getty Images for Disney