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The world’s most expensive artwork ($470M) raises awareness on student debt

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 7, 2021

Da Vinci of Debt was an installation by Natural Light on display at New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. As is hinted at in the title, the art installation is a direct commentary on the crisis of student debt that has plagued around 50 million American college graduates. In order to shed light on the impact of student debt, which often puts immense pressure on students and hinders them from having certain formative experiences, Natural Light took on this project and placed it in plain sight.


The art installation has just become the world’s most expensive artwork, valued at $470 million USD. A cascading collection of 2,600 real college diplomas makes up the bulk of the hanging artwork and piles. The second most expensive artwork in the world in Leonardo Da Vinci’s Salvator mundi, which was sold for $450 million USD.


The display ran from January 14-16 and Natural Light has put up a digital experience of it on its website. In addition, there’s an AR lens on Snapchat that can transport you to the center of the exhibit for you to explore it through virtual reality. If you’re struggling with student debt and loans, here some tips to help you.


Photo via Natural Light