‘Daredevil’ is confirmed to return on Disney+

And the crowd goes wild.

words by: Alee Kwong
Jun 2, 2022

If you were one of the three people who cheered for Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, listen up — our time has finally come. After much anticipation and long bouts of patience, we are finally getting the gang back together. According to Variety, a Daredevil series for Disney+ has been cleared for takeoff and will be led by Matt Corman and Chris Ord (Covert Affairs) as the series’ executive producers and showrunners.


If you’re not a Daredevil fan, let me tell you — this has been a long time coming. Rumors have been making their rounds for years about whether or not we would see the Man Without Fear integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since his brief cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home as Peter Parker’s “really good lawyer” tagged alongside Vincent D’onofrio’s reprisal of Wilson Fisk/Kingpin in Hawkeye, it was all too clear that his return was just around the corner.


But why did they wait this long to bring these characters into the MCU? Well, that has to do with an agreement struck between Marvel and Netflix. In 2018, Variety reported that the agreement between the two companies included a clause that barred any Marvel-Netflix characters (Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and other associated characters) from appearing in non-Netflix projects for 2 years after the series has been cancelled.



Actors from the Marvel-Netflix series have shown interest in returning. When speaking with ComicBook.com about where he would like to see his character taken in the MCU, Cox said, “In keeping with a lot of things in the MCU, it’s a good moment to have a few years [pass]. It’s reimagined, it’s slightly different. It’s ‘born again.'”


Now, this could have easily been a hint that indicates the new series’ potential storyline. Born Again is a 1986 Marvel Comics story arc that was written by Frank Miller (Batman: Year One, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Sin City, 300) and illustrated by David Mazzucchelli (Batman: Year One). The storyline was a five-series run and first appeared in Daredevil #227.


It was later reprinted in a graphic novel format, which included the previous issue (Daredevil #226) and a follow-up story arc (Daredevil #232-233) that was used as a means to tie up loose ends from the original story arc. Because of its utility and popularity, the follow-up stories have become widely regarded as a part of Born Again.


Born Again is considered one of the greatest story arcs in the Daredevil mythos and highlights heavy ties to Matt Murdock’s identity — Catholicism. If they were to use this famed story as a template for the continuation of the Daredevil series, we could be looking at either the greatest MCU series to boot or a disappointing series that fell insanely short of its potential.


If that’s the arc taken, it’d make a lot of sense for Mephisto to arrive too. While we wait, bump our MCU Playlist.


Photos via Marvel/Netflix