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How to treat dark under Eye circles

5 things to do now.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 17, 2020

Puffy, dark circles under your eyes are the worst. They can be caused by a bad night of sleep, inflammation from alcohol and sadly, genetics. 


Dark circles under your eyes are really dilated blood vessels under the skin. Sometimes, the under eye tissue will swell with fluid and cause puffy eyes. Luckily, the darkness should subside after a good night’s sleep and if you need it gone more immediately, coffee is the answer. Black coffee constricts blood vessels by making them smaller and less noticeable – minimizing the dark circles. 


To treat dark circles, you can use Vitamin B creams or Retinol. Or you can put gel ice packs, tea bags and cucumber slices on your eyes. More ways to heal from dark circles are below.


Drink water

Dehydrated skin is good for nothing. The more water you consume, the less chance your eyes will be black. Doctors recommend at least eight glasses of water a day – to determine your water weight, divide your weight in half. The result should be the ounces you drink daily. 


Get more sleep

At times, sleeping more is easier said than done. Especially in an anxiety-induced climate during the pandemic. Lack of sleep reduces circulation, so try your hardest for the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep. 


Anti-aging cream

A lot of the time dark circles come with age. Anti-aging creams have enough nutrients and vitamins infused to slop the aging process down. 


Use a tea bag

The next tea you drink, save the tea bag! Once the tea is stepped you can cool the tea bag in the refrigerator and then lay it over closed eyes for as long as you please. This will decrease inflammation. 


Eat well, Exercise well

Avoid foods with lots of salt. Too much salt could lead to impaired circulation levels that can cause the skin to appear darker and puffy. Regular exercise will increase the blood flow to your whole body, including your eyes.


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Photo via Getty Images/Diego Cervo