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Check out these Dating apps with anti-ghosting features

New tool in the arsenal.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Mar 17, 2022

Ask anyone who has spent time on dating apps, and they’ll all tell you how awful it is to get ghosted. It’s not just the growing sensation of rejection it gives you; it’s also the other person’s lack of awareness and consideration. They couldn’t even be bothered to give you a text to gently let you down? It seems that recently, many people, especially the Gen-Z generation, have been speaking up about ghosting, and encouraging open communication instead.


Enter Snack

So, it’s great to learn that Snack, a dating app similar to TikTok but with flirtation, has added a function to screen out serial ghosters. It works by “deprioritizing” the profiles of users who have a bad track record. “When singles ghost too frequently, their profiles are reported, thus the more you ghost, the less your profile is displayed,” Snack explains.


Snack has also doubled down on its commitment to being a dating app for Gen Z (and millennials, honestly), by making itself only available to users aged 18 to 35 as part of its latest upgrade.


Snack CEO Kim Kaplan stated:


“We decided to make it official: Snack is not your parents’ dating app, after months of considering just wooing our Gen Z user base. […] At the moment, there isn’t a dating app that caters specifically to this demographic. We can lean in and hyper serve this generation with an app that speaks their digital language and provides the greatest matches possible without the chance of stumbling into their professor, boss, or single uncle by making the app exclusive to 18-35 year olds.”


Other dating apps

Many dating apps are taking measures to become safer and less triggering spaces for all users and Snack’s ingenious new anti-ghosting function is one of them. Body shaming, as well as ableist, racist, colorist, homophobic, and transphobic statements, have been prohibited on Bumble, while screenshots have been restricted on Badoo.



In an effort to better the dating scene, Hinge just launched an anti-ghosting campaign to put an end to this practice for good. “We Met” is the name of the feature, and it operates in two ways.


For starters, it allows two matched members to certify privately whether they ever left their homes to meet in person for a first date. This is a useful reminder if and when a conversation with a match suddenly comes to a halt, since it pushes you and your match to really exchange numbers and meet up. But there’s more. Hinge also discreetly asks you and your match if you and your match had enough fun on the first date to warrant a second. If the date was a flop, Hinge can use this information to suggest other compatible matches for you, which I think is quite cool.


It seems like dating apps are coming out with all sorts of upgrades, lately. For instance, did you know that Tinder lets you match based on music taste? And did you also know Facebook, I mean Meta, has a speed dating app?


Photo via Hinge