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Body Mobility Practices for when you have Depression

Stretching will help lift that weight off your shoulders.

words by: Alee Kwong
Feb 21, 2021

I’ve had depression for a while now and something that is slowly chipping away is my body mobility. If you’ve ever gone through depression or are going through it now, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Whether it’s laying in bed all day or alternating between sitting on the couch and sleeping on it, your body is not only sedentary but also (probably, most likely) aching full-time. Sure, if the body aches enough, it all starts to feel the same, but learning about how to keep our bodies limber not only helps us in the long run but also allows us to prepare our bodies for the future depressive episodes to come (because depression is a marathon, not a sprint).


Between 2014-2017, when my depression was at its height, my partner at the time introduced me to the world of physical therapy. I had no idea that people practiced basic physical therapy and really thought that was exclusive to people who went through serious physical injuries. He had first introduced me to Kelly Starett, the founding father of the widely practiced fitness discipline, CrossFit, author of The Supple Leopard, a New York Times bestseller, and a highly recommended resource by my chiropractor. It all started with his 2013 video, “How to Maintain Your Body with Kelly Starett”, which explained to me that my body is in more pain than I realized and that it was possible to actually be pain-free.


Now, if you really can’t get over Starett’s “fitness bro” vibe (which is totally understandable, no judgments here) and want something a little more relatable and less intimidating, let me put you onto Bob and Brad. At first glance, these two physical therapists look like complete goobers, but 2.6 million people would agree that these two goobers have helped them on their way to the aforementioned pain-free life. With a more down-to-earth, less gym-rat presence, I find myself going back to their videos time and time again. They have A LOT of content posted up on their YouTube channel, so I recommend starting off with their “7 Exercises You Should Absolutely Do Everyday” video. I know the word “exercise” is in there, but trust, it’s just very basic mobility stretching.


I know that the weight of the world feels a lot heavier when you’re depressed and it can feel like that weight is about to break your back at any given moment. My hope is that this mobility knowledge makes your back feel a little better and stronger for those heavier days.