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Ever wanted to Design your own iPhone? Now you can

Finally, exactly what you want.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 4, 2022

Amid recent rumors about the release of the Apple iPhone 14, many are expressing concern about the alleged look of the new iPhone. According to certain reports: “The company is planning bigger changes for the iPhone 14 Pro line. Apple will replace the front-facing camera cutout, known as the notch, with a pill-shaped hole for Face ID sensors and a hole-punch-sized area for the camera. This will give users slightly more screen space. The company is also adding a faster chip to the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple, meanwhile, will retain the A15 chip from the iPhone 13 in the regular iPhone 14 models.”


Clearly, this may not have floated well with several fans of Apple. But the thing is, these giant companies can’t really satisfy the taste of everyone, and this is why a new interactive website was created where you can design your own iPhone.


Design the Next iPhone,” a tool created by Neil Agarwal, lets you alter a flat chassis base of a phone by dragging and dropping a number of components. Neil Agarwal is a PhD student in Computer Science at Princeton University, and his research interests are at the intersection of systems, machine learning and networking. So, he’s more than qualified to bring your dream iPhone to life.


Fans of Apple devices will recognize the cameras, buttons, ports, and logos as features. However, there are additional playful and amusing features, such as google eyes, a cup holder, a click wheel, and an antennae.


Users can add and configure a variety of different components to create their ideal (or idealized) iPhone model on the website, including enormous cameras, an HDMI connector, a vintage iPod click wheel, headphone jacks, antennas, Pro stands from the Pro Display XDR, as well as a Mac Pro handle, and a joystick—in a subversive twist, you can even add an Android logo on your Apple device! When you’re done, you can even export your design as a simple animated video.


Even though most Apple devices are impeccably designed (after all, that’s why most people buy them), there have been times where I wished certain elements of the phone design were different.


You can now head over to Design the Next iPhone to create your very own version of the iPhone. This will probably not be produced, but it’s still fun to explore that option. The website is completely free to use.


In other related news, a foldable iPhone is in the works, here’s what to expect.


Photo via Neil Agarwal