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DIY Buzz Cuts? Here are the best Hair Clippers

5 amazing options.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Sep 23, 2020

If you want to give yourself a haircut at home, or if you’re itching for a buzz cut, all you really need is a couple of mirrors and a good hair clipper. We’ve selected five Grade A quality clippers for your experiment.


Wahl hair cutting kit

This hair cutting kit is a number 1 bestseller all over the web. It has self-sharpening blades made of steel that are as durable as the ones you’d find at a barber. Labeled for beginners, it boasts a 21 piece kit to help you customize your cuts. On the plus side, it comes with color-coded guide combs that make any DIY home haircut project feel as breezy as ever. 

Buy it from Amazon for $29.99


Mangroomer palm-held hair clipper

The Mangroomer palm-held clipper comes with nine guards, and surely delivers customizable clips that smoothly and elegantly glide over your skull. The design makes it incredibly easy to buzz the sides and back of your head without needing an extra set of hands. If you plan on being bare-headed for a while, this is the device to own.

Buy it from Amazon for $34.99


Andis Master cordless hair clipper

While this cordless hair clipper comes at a hefty price, it is well worth the splurge. It is, as the internet calls it, the “holy grail of hair trimmers.” With a waterproof stainless steel body, a lithium-ion battery that delivers 90 minutes of cordless use, and a powerful motor, this is the product to own if you want to skip on going to the barber for a bit. The Andis Master Blades cuts through all hair types with no qualms, and can easily and cleanly tame the most coarse hair with precision. It is well worth the investment.

Buy it from Amazon for $224.99


Andis cordless T-blade outliner

The Andis cordless T-blade clipper is of utmost necessity if you plan on cleaning up your edges. From sideburns to your neckline, this guy delivers with an awe inspiring effect. This is for men who want to periodically clean up their hairlines between barber visits. Andis is a top-tier barbershop-quality producer of products, so why not keep this around?

Buy it from Amazon for $162


Panasonic hair clipper

This Parasonic hair clipper is a long-term investment, but one that is worth every penny. It is a sturdy device that is meant to last you a really, really long time. It boasts the fastest blades in the market (at 10,000 rpm!) and if that’s not enough, it’s also cordless, which means it can sustain travel and mobility. With this clipper, you can unlock more than a dozen of different lengths. 

Buy it from Amazon for $189.50