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Why you shouldn’t do peel-off Face Masks

Hint: They do more harm than good.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jul 4, 2022

For those of you that care about your skin health, how often do you do peel-off face masks? If you answered once or higher, you might want to stop for a moment. Although these masks can look like a ton of fun to share to your Instagram Story and better yet, be your form of self-care after a long and trying work week; we would love for you to please, please stop using peel-off face masks. Why you ask? Let us explain.


Why are peel-off masks bad for your skin?

According to a bevy of dermatologists, peel-off masks can remove too much of your skin and strip it from its natural oils by constant tension of the surface layer of your skin. Not to mention it completely disrupts the skin barrier (the thing that’s meant to protect your skin) and cause a ton of irritation.


The skin barrier, more scientifically known as the stratum corneum, is the skin’s first protective layer that will fight against all issues, from acne to dry skin to aging, to inflammatory conditions like eczema and damage from environmental factors like pollution.


The skin barrier billions of good bacteria in your microbiome that protect your body from harmful bacteria, lipid matrix that includes fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramides that lock in moisture, and the acid mantle that blocks out viruses. Aka, this is a very very very important piece that leads to your skin health. And using a peel-off mask could damage this and potentially affect a lot of other things in the body.


And sure, you might be wondering why such a harmful thing could make the skin look good — peel-off face masks could remove dead skin cells, even out the texture of skin, give you a glow up, and boost your skin with a fresh layer of skin causing you to glow. But, as the day goes on, you might notice dryness, dull skin, and even a new blemish.


The worst possible thing you can do when you notice this is to put on another horrible, cheaply formulated mask that could cause more redness and irritation, that virtually does your skin no favors. There are much more effective and safe treatments readily available to improve your skin texture and brighten your complexion, and not to mention a host of affordable skincare products — so please, stop using peel-off face masks.


Instead, opt for something like these clay face masks.


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