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Debunked: does wearing a hat make you Bald?

It’s kind of complicated…

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Feb 19, 2021

Men have long had a love affair with hats – fitteds, beanies, berets, caps, buckets, every style has had its moment. But, rumor has it that there may be a hidden danger in wearing hats, and we’re here to debunk it.


So, does wearing a hat really make you bald?


The short answer: it probably won’t.


The long answer is, however, a little bit more complicated.


The scientific term for the phenomena behind the rumor is called: “traction alopecia,” which is one of the explanations behind hair loss caused by wearing hats. Traction alopecia can happen when a lot of stress is put on hair follicles, making the hairline recede due to pulling. This happens more often with long hair that is tied, but can also happen to anyone applying continuous stress on their hair follicles.


However, hats don’t exercise enough tension to cause alopecia, unless you’re wearing it so tightly that it’s pulling your hair, and for a very long period of time.


Everyone can now relax: wearing a hat will not make you go bald.


But if your hair is thinning, here’s some ways to style it to hide that thinning and some remedies to slow down that process.