Donald Glover hires Malia Obama to write for new show, ‘Hive’

We’re sure the Beyhive will be buzzing about this one.

words by: Kayla Carmicheal
Apr 3, 2022

Donald Glover, also known as rapper, Childish Gambino, isn’t a stranger to TV. FX’s Atlanta, the smash-hit he’s behind, recently released its third season, which you can stream on Hulu. His most recent venture into the silver screen, currently named Hive, is being penned as we speak—and former first daughter, Malia Obama, is involved.


The Emmy-award winner hired her to be in the writer’s room, and so far, production has nothing but good things to say about her, citing her work ethic and view of the world. Glover says she’s “incredibly talented,” and is very impressed by her skill. Additionally, her writing style is noted as being one that could take her far in Hollywood, Stephen Glover says.


Stephen Glover is Donald’s younger brother, as well as Atlanta co-writer and executive producer. Even though Malia is the former president’s daughter, in the writer’s room, she’s on an equal playing field, he tells Vanity Fair. “She’s very down to earth, and cool. So, it’s not a problem at all. She has a lot of good ideas. She’s great. She’s just a regular person like everybody else,” he recalls.


Glover added that the vibe in the writer’s room is close-knit and built on sharing experiences. The idea behind that is to make the show feel more personal—so the writers talk about what’s happening in their lives. Think: Having a therapy session with your friends. But the atmosphere isn’t always therapy-like. Glover says that writing sessions can also be fun, and being honest with each other brings about the best ideas. They hang out and find out what makes each other laugh. “I feel like she’s just somebody who’s gonna have really good things coming soon,” he says.


The future Amazon show won’t be Malia’s first experience working in Hollywood. In fact, before graduating Harvard, she worked as a production assistant on Extant, the drama starring Halle Berry. Before that, she was an intern on HBO’s acclaimed drama Girls.


Hive is set to be based around a “Beyoncé-type character,” according to the elder Glover. There’s no word on when shooting begins, and we don’t have a release date yet, but it sounds incredibly intriguing—especially since the working title is in reference to Beyoncé’s fanbase. I can only imagine how social media will react once we get more concrete details. Are you looking forward to Hive, or do you think nothing the Glovers do can ever top Atlanta? Let us know!


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