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There’s a massive Trump countdown clock in LIC

words by: Sahar Khraibani
Nov 20, 2020

Donald Trump has 60 days left in office and we know this because there is a giant clock in Long Island City that is counting down how long he has left. 


On Saturday, November 7, 2020 news broke out that Joe Biden had garnered enough votes to become the new President-elect of the United States. Spontaneous block parties and gatherings were abound across the five boroughs of New York City. The countdown digital clock that was originally counting down the days in Trump’s first term in Long Island City reached 73 that day rather than going up.


This clock first went up in 2017 after Trump was elected to office. The clock was put up by the editor of the art-focused website, The Creative Independent, Brandon Stosuy, who created the piece along with many artists and collaborators. The big bright red digits can be seen at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City as well as across the East River.


Stosuy shared: “It was a mix of joy and relief. I’m also just happy that people saw it, understood what it meant, and felt some optimism or calm. We’ve always intentionally avoided talking much about it because we wanted it to speak for itself—and I’m so glad people found it, figured it out, and got something from it. And now I’m glad we can turn it off.” 


Check it out for yourself by going for a stroll on the river side or visiting the park in LIC.


Photo by Ilka Müller