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Jailed Without Cause: top places to Donate to Bail Funds

words by: Natasha Marsh
Oct 4, 2020

I am calling 2020 the year of revealing. Many bystanders’ eyes have been opened up to the police brutality that happens to people of color every single day. People of color and protesters around the country are being jailed without cause. Their civil rights are being compromised and their risks of exposure to COVID-19 (infection rate in prison is 2.5 times higher) are increasing. 


On top of that, the cash bail is tremendous. The system was not meant to serve POC’s and I hope that has become blatantly obvious to you this year. The corrupt system pushes out poor, innocent, and unarmed members of the society every day. If you are interested in helping these individuals, below we list out the top ten places to donate to bail funds. 


Please do your part. And please VOTE this coming November. 


As a tip, many of the top organizations have been inundated with donations and are actually asking donors to redirect funds to other smaller nonprofits. For that reason, we have included “lesser known” orgs below. 


The Bail Project

Aims to mitigate incarceration rates.


The Louisville Community Bail Fund

Helps bail out arrested protesters and counteracts cash bail policies that keep people of color in jail. 


The National Bail Fund Network 

Here you can access a directory of community bail funds, as well as a COVID-19 rapid response fund.


If you would like to donate to bail funds by city and state, please click here.

If you would like a large list of bail funds to donate to, please click here.