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words by: Natasha Marsh
Sep 30, 2020

Exactly a week ago on September 23, no homicide charges were charged against the three police officers who killed Breonna Taylor. They killed Breonna in the middle of the night, inside her own home. Disturbingly, Officer Brett Hankison was charged with other situations unrelated to Taylor’s death, like for firing shots that entered her neighbor’s homes. To make matters even more sickening, the two other officers – Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, were not charged with anything! Anything! 


I know I’m joined by thousands of people who are absolutely disgusted with the injustice on innocent Black men and women in this country. The system was not built for us and continues to fail us daily with police brutality. No amount of money could bring Breonna Taylor back but it is certainly a help to the family and other cases alike.  


The African American Policy Forum #SayHerNameFund

#SayHerName started in 2014 to support the families of Black women killed by police. This fund specifically supports grieving mothers. 


Healing for Louisville

Organized by the Louisville chapter of Black Lives Matter, they are raising money for families of color in Louisville.


Justice for Breonna Taylor GoFundMe

One of the most popular ways to donate, started by Breonna’s aunt. The GoFundMe will support the family in the legal matters and go towards the Justice for Breonna Foundation. The foundation will focus on police reform, youth programs and scholarships.


Louisville Community Bail Fund

Black and Hispanic people are stopped by police and arrested for low-level offenses, daily. The Louisville Community Bail Fund helps pay people’s bail and provides post-release support.


Phenomenal Media’s Justice for Breonna Taylor T-Shirt

Phenomenal Media advocates for marginalized communities. They created a T-shirt that has her portrait on the back of the shirt with “Say Her Name.” All proceeds go to the Justice for Breonna Foundation.


You can also donate to funds that help the families of other victims of police brutality.