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PSA: Dr. Woo now has a Skincare line

From ink to sink.

words by: Natasha Marsh
Jun 7, 2022

Even though it’s summer, my cracked and dry winter skin still likes to creep up. I blame it on the bipolar temperatures in NYC, and my lack of interest to spend an extra 5 minutes applying lotion. Whatever the case, I’ve been looking for something ultra-hydrating that will turn my chapped skin to soft skin.


A friend of mine recommended WOO, the new collection launched by world-renowned tattoo artist, Dr. Woo. I began wondering how a tattoo artist who is famous for his technique, line art, and craft, could create a skincare line that is said to be the “cream of the crop” as my friend would say. So in typical journalist fashion, I began my research.


Who is Dr. Woo?

With a sometimes 3-year long waitlist, and 1.8 million Instagram followers, Dr. Woo — tattoo artist for stars like Drake and Zoe Kravitz) has tattooed different skin tones and skin types. Not to mention, he has sensitive skin himself, and is aware of options on the current market.


Having been fed up with not being able to find a good moisturizer for his skin, he created his own line of essentials. Filled with moisturizers and soaps that are made in small batches for inked and non-inked skin. “Quality and simplicity are at the foundation of everything I do and how I live,” Dr. Woo said in a recent interview.


“I’m widely known for my intricate, single-needle tattoo art and that focus and balance is woven into everything I do. Woo is the articulation of my passions and life practice. These capsule collections bring that thinking to life via the appreciation of skin, the respect for nature with the sustainable packaging, and the thoughtfulness of our skin’s sensitivity with gentle ingredients.”


Cool, what products are in the line?

As for products, the brand has the Woo After Care Kit, Woo Gentle Hand Sanitizer, SPF, and Woo Body Moisturizer. The kit has a soap (coconut base and cleanses skin without striping the barrier) and moisturizer (packed with shea butter, Vitamin E, sesame seed oil, and chamomile) in it that can be used every single day.


Fans of the moisturizer describe it as lightweight, and able to lock in hydration. It’s formulated with papain enzymes that dissolve and remove dead skin cells. Additionally, green tea extract acts as an antioxidant to protect skin from environmental pollutants that could age it. The ceramides are used to lock in hydration and Vitamin E which continue to fight free radicals while encouraging soft skin.


Naturally, after much research, I have decided to test out WOO skincare for myself. I have not received any, but will report back my findings. If you are not super strict on lathering body lotion daily, WOO skincare might be the best option for you.


Shop WOO skincare here.


FYI: Here’s how to take care of your tattoos properly, and the different moisturizers you need for different body parts.


Photo via WOO