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Drake’s Better World Fragrance House candles are available now

One of which smells like the singer himself.

words by: Sahar Khraibani
May 13, 2021

Drake’s Better World Fragrance House has officially launched, months after the fragrance’s initial announcement. The luxury candle company’s launch was timed to coincide with Mother’s Day—probably striking a huge income in sales.


Drake, the Canadian singer/rapper known for songs like “Laugh Now, Cry Later” and “God’s Plan,” made headlines last year when it was revealed that he would be launching his own luxury candle business. And when it was discovered that one candle would smell like the singer, even more heads turned.


In an Instagram post, which he posted on May 9, Drake described the candle line as “a true passion project and the start of something special.”



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The collection is prefaced with “scent is personal—an intimate way of sharing stories and memories.” Carby Musk, Williamsburg Sleepover, Sweeter Tings, Good Thoughts, and Muskoka are some of the intriguing scents in this exciting series. Carby Musk is a soy blend that includes notes of musk, amber, cashmere, suede, and velvet, and is said to smell like Drake – that’s why it costs $80 while the others retail for $48. We anticipate that this specific candle may be the most successful, as people are very much inclined to connect with the singer’s scent.


Below are the descriptions for each candle:


WILLIAMSBURG SLEEPOVER – “This gender-less and luminous fragrance captures the essence of an urban garden under shaded light. The red roses, succulent blond woods and warm luminous ambers combine for a story of freedom and sensuality. The patchouly groves of Indonesia and the Ylang Ylang fields of Madagascar emanate confidence and intimacy for seduction in a candle. Scent Profile: Floral Woody Musk.”


SWEETER TINGS – “A nostalgic and addictive fragrance with subtleties of comfort and goodness. The Italian citrus supported by precious woods from Haiti and North America, combined with floral rose, and Iris from Europe exemplifies the connectivity of storytelling through scent. Scent Profile: Oriental Gourmand.”


MUSKOKA – “The magical mist of Guaiac Wood, Cloves and precious Sandalwood perfectly captures the smoldering warmth of burning woods and golden embers. This is a warm and woody fragrance that emulates the feeling of cozy, comfort and campfire. Scent Profile: Oriental Woody.”


GOOD THOUGHTS – “The Brazilian Oranges, Canadian fir trees, Bulgarian roses and Australian sandalwood create a bouquet of rich florals surrounded by bright vibrant freshness for a captivating positive scent. Scent Profile: Floral.”


CARBY MUSK – “This is the first scent the team developed and the one that ultimately birthed BETTER WORLD FRAGRANCE HOUSE. Constructed unlike any other fragrance, Carby Musk is developed with Trail Air technology, which means it’s made to linger in the air longer. The layering of sweet, velvet powdery musks along with musks of soft floral, amber and marine connotations make it incredibly unique and a must have. Scent Profile: Musk.”



Each candle weights 290g and the whole collection of different scents are available for purchase on the Better World Fragrance House website. We’ve also curated a list of other black-owned candles to purchase.


Photos via Better World Fragrance House