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Here’s why dressing up is the key to happiness

The drip don’t lie.

words by: Natasha Marsh
May 11, 2021

There are many of us who have enjoyed the relaxed work uniform (sweats and old college tees), groutfits, while working from home over the last year and change. Some of us have even gone far to hope and believe that dress codes will remain lax once offices start to open up again. But what if I told you, dressing up (read: putting on pants) could make you feel happier? In a year of commotion, don’t you owe yourself all the happiness possible?


New studies prove that dressing up can drastically change your mood and outlook on life, for the better. Dressing up can bring a sense of happiness and normalcy in the pandemic. The few times I have dressed up during the pandemic, it’s felt like a win. And more so, it feels good. It’s that old adage: when you look good, you feel good. You start to walk taller and feel more confident when you look sharp. And in an overwhelming time, that feeling is necessary.


In a pre-pandemic world, our schedules were free to plan as extravagant outings as we wanted. And since that’s been stripped away from us, dressing up somehow tricks our brain into normalcy and produces happy thoughts and emotions. Of course this doesn’t work for everyone. But try it next time you’re feeling down, it could be just the trick in getting you out of the pandemic blues. Also, remember to be kinder to yourself this year.